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For A Fun And Filling Chanukah

by Rabbi Matt December 10, 2011

(1) We must eat foods cooked in oil to remind us of the ―oil miracle.‖ But did you know that the larger the jelly doughnut, the smaller the amount of jelly? No matter how often you vow not to eat too many jelly-donuts, or potato latkes..., you will still eat too many of them. No matter which side of the jelly doughnut you bite, jelly will squirt out... and onto your cloth-ing. Ditto for the potato latkes, sour cream, and applesauce.

(2) You will need 44 candles for Chanukah, your box will have 43. No more than a dozen of your candles will be bold blue or deep red. The rest will be various shades of pastels, which look extremely weak. The first night, there will be a deep family discussion about which direction to light the candles, right to left or left to right. Then you will realize, it doesn't matter on the first night, because left to right, or right to left, it's the same direction.

(3) Chanukah is a joyous celebration of religious freedom best shared with others. Please join us Friday, December 23rd for our Chanukah Family Service. Magician Manny Sperling will provide magical miracles, as usual. See the flier in this Temple IsraeLight for details and tzedakah opportuni-ties. We hope to see you there.

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