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Meet Our Spring 2012 B’nai Mitzvah

Will Horvat Will is in the seventh grade at Mayfield Middle School. His favorite subjects are Math and Social Studies. He is good at remembering numbers and likes learning history. When he grows up he would like to be a video game designer. Right now Will’s favorite game is Madden 12, because the graphics are good and it is really realistic. Aside from video games, Will likes to play basketball and soccer.

Will said, “As one of my Bar Mitzvah projects, I am going to be collecting old household batteries. Batteries should never be put in your household trash due to the many chemicals in them, such as mercury and cadmium, that could leak into the groundwater. Statistics show that 88% of mercury found in the Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) stream comes from dry cell batteries. 50% of cadmium also comes from dry cells. Recycling your used batteries helps save the environment. I’ll be sending the batteries to a designated recycling center where they will be disposed of safely and properly.”

He is becoming a Bar Mitzvah “to be part of something that is a big deal and will make me feel more Jewish.” By the time he has finished up his Bar Mitzvah studies and helped lead the service, Yaakov will have participated in something very Jewish and emotionally important. Everyone in the congregation is invited to share this simcha (joyous occasion) with the Horvat family. Yaakov will be called to the Torah during Shabbat Services, Friday evening, February 17, 2012. Mazel Tov to Yaakov and his parents Mike and Darcy, and sisters Isabella and Kyra.