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Video: Lecha Dodi

Lecha Dodi Shabbat Bride
See our religious school students sing Lecha Dodi during Sunday morning classes.

Our 4th - 7th Graders Get Ready

Lecha Dodi Shabbat Bride
See religious school students prepare for the Shabbat Bride - Lecha Dodi.

Lecha Dodi the Shabbat Bride

Our 4th - 7th graders sing "Lecha Dodi", welcoming the Shabbat Bride

November 21, 2010, one of our favorite Shabbat Service songs came to life as Religious School students enacted a "wedding" of the Jewish people and the Shabbat Bride. The presentation was organized by two of our Hebrew school teachers, Perach Kodish and Cantor Larry Josefovitz.