Simchat Torah and First Grade Consecration
Simchat Torah Deuteronomy

Rabbi reads the last parsha of Deuteronomy (דברים) during our Simchat Torah service.

Simchat Torah and First Grade Consecration

Every year, TINT celebrates Simchat Torah! In addition to watching the consecration of our First Graders, worshippers roll out the Torah from start to finish. It's a unique TINT tradition that gives everyone a chance to see our sacred scrolls up close and personal.

The holiday service includes the reading of the last portion of Deuteronomy (דברים) and the start of Genesis (בראשית). In addition, Rabbi Matt reads from intermittent sections of each book, and points out where each book starts and ends.

If you look at the picture on top of the page, you will notice Rabbi Matt pointing to a break with four blank lines. That is where one book ends and another begins.

As always is our tradition, PB & Judaism followed the service.


Pictured above is our 2014 Consecration class.
Left to right
Front row: Norah Comet, Aaron Schaffer, Isabella Tsing
Back row: Teacher Lynn Lustig, Rabbi Matt Eisenberg, Rabbi Fred Eisenberg, Cantorial Soloist Rachel Eisenberg