Why Did We Choose Temple Israel Ner Tamid

Why Temple Israel Ner Tamid

Rather than a “generic” list of why you should choose TINT we decided to let our members answer this question. They are a group of young and old, Jews by choice and Jews by birth, that represents the essence of Temple Israel Ner Tamid.

Here are some quotes from our members, you can read the full story from each family.

  • We joined TINT because we were looking for a congregation in which one of our daughters would be comfortable and could become a bat mitzvah. Read what else Stephanie and Steve Baden had to say.
  • We enjoyed the service, the diverse membership and the friendliness of the people, we decided to become members and join part of our family. Read what else Marcia and Marv Gisser had to say.
  • we were looking not only for a religion, but for a place where we would be comfortable and where we would appreciate the religion. Read what else Gregg and Joy Pahls had to say.
  • We knew the rabbi and had gone to Israel with him. Read what else Ruth and Stan Raskin had to say.