You Can Help

Support TINT in Many Ways

If money is tight right now, but you still want to help TINT, here’s how:

  • Most importantly: Volunteer your time. We are looking for someone to help manage our Facebook page.
  • Collect General Mills “Boxtops for Education.” Rebates we receive help buy school supplies. Thank you to all who save them. And special thanks to the volunteers who trimmed and organized the box tops.
  • Drop off paper at the Atibibi Recycling Bins at the back of our parking lot. We receive cash in return.
  •  Sign up for now and TINT can receive up to 15% of purchases made from major retailers and suppliers.

There are lots of ways to help our congregation. Come on, everyone, pick one or two today!

If you want to make an online donation, you can use this form and pay using a credit card.

Support TINT

Join, and help us out.