A Gift of Israel

A Gift of Israel Savings Program

Attention: Religious School Parents and Grandparents

“A Gift of Israel” is a savings program to help families plan for a student’s future trip to Israel. Each family opens a savings account at Ohio Savings which will be supplemented by annual contributions from our congregation and a Bar/Bat Mitzvah grant from the Jewish Community Federation.

We encourage you to open “A Gift of Israel” account. Rabbi Matt and Pat opened one for their son when he began the first grade and one for their daughter as she entered kindergarten. The Edelman family’s two children used their Gift of Israel monies during our Congregational Trip to Israel. You can enroll your child in any grade. TINT has several children enrolled now. Let’s increase our participation in this worthy savings program.

A little saving now can go a long way later. To enroll, please call Helen Wolfe at the JECC at (216) 371-0446. Or ask Rabbi Matt for program details.