Free Classes Open to the Community: A Feast of Judaism

Whet your appetite for knowledge and learning! TINT offers numerous adult educations opportunities throughout the year. 

One opportunity is A Feast of Judaism, a free six-part adult education class, written by local rabbis. It was designed for unaffiliated Jews, non-Jews, intermarried couples and adult children of intermarriage. These classes delve into issues of living Jewishly. The course examines the Jewish concept of God, lifecycle events, holiness, holidays, and Israel. The final session is a “Feast,” celebrating the variety of Jewish foods and cultures. This program was created to serve as a link between the introductory course and further
Jewish study.

For information about future classes call the temple office: 440-473-5120 or email, tint@tintcleveland.org

Past classes were sponsored by the Lenore November Memorial Fund