Cemetery and Burial

Cemetery and Burial

If you need to make plans for the burial of a loved one, our congregation will do everything we can to help comfort you in your time of grief.

The congregation has several cemetery options you might wish to consider.

  1. We have our own congregational section at Mt. Olive Cemetery for Jewish burials.
  2. Western Reserve Memorial Gardens in Chesterland is a secular cemetery in which Temple Israel and Temple Ner Tamid have combined sections. This cemetery permits burials of all faiths, but there are less than a dozen sites remaining, and not all are in pairs.
  3. Zion Memorial Park on Northfield Road has a section from Temple Ner Tamid. Again, only Jewish burials may take place in this cemetery. Fewer than ten graves remain in this section.
  4. We have purchased a section at Hillcrest Memorial Park at the corner of Aurora and Richmond roads in Bedford Heights. Hillcrest Memorial Park is a secular cemetery that has established sections from other temples such as Emanuel and Park. We have established a nice, open but modest Temple Israel Ner Tamid section in the northeast corner of the cemetery with a cul-de-sac driveway where our graves will be located.

The last thing anyone wants to do, at the time of the loss of a loved one, is tour a cemetery to see if it meets the family’s wishes. Consider in advance what your family’s needs may require. Plan ahead for the unthinkable. Some who choose to do so might merely purchase cemetery lots. Others may choose to prearrange a complete funeral service including cemetery, headstone and more.

Whichever decision you choose, making such difficult decisions may be very important to you and your family.

For information regarding temple graves, call the temple (440) 473-5120. For information regarding prearranging funeral services, please contact any funeral service professional.