Rabbi Interfaith Jewish Marriages Q and A

Interfaith Jewish Marriages

The decision to get married is best arrived at with your eyes wide open. This is especially true if you are in an interfaith relationship. You might have questions about interfaith marriages at our synagogue. This page should answer some of them.

Q: Will Rabbi Matt co-officiate with non-Jewish clergy?
A: No, he performs a Jewish ceremony.

Q: Do we need to join the Temple to get married?
A: There is a fee paid to the Temple prior to the Rabbi officiating at your ceremony. We will gladly add you to our congregational family for a year, If you prefer not to be a member, please let the Rabbi know.

Q: Do you require any classes for the prospective couple?
A: No, however the Rabbi will meet with you several times and encourage you to attend Shabbat services.

Q: Does the non-Jewish spouse need to convert?
A:  No, they do not.

Q: Is there anything else that we should know?
A: Rabbi Matt does require assurance that the couple will raise their children as Jews.

Q: We are interested in talking more to Rabbi Matt about officiating at our wedding how do we contact him?
A: You can call our Temple’s office at (440) 473-5120 or use the website’s contact form.