A Taste of Judaism

A place where we would be comfortable

“A few years ago we saw an ad in the Plain Dealer for something called ‘A Taste of Judaism,’ and it sounded interesting to Gregg and me,” said Joy Pahls about her first experience with TINT.

Neither of us was satisfied with our religious backgrounds, and even though we had been married in a church, we were looking not only for a religion, but for a place where we would be comfortable and where we would appreciate the religion.”

“We were studying Judaism at home, and included our two children, Kyra, 9, and Griffin, 7, in the study so they would have some idea of what we were considering,”Gregg added.

The Pahls, who live in Ravenna, may have the longest commute of any TINT members, but that didn’t deter them from taking the next step.

They spoke and met with Rabbi Matt and began the conversion process. The entire family went to the mikveh, and participated in the ritual immersion required.

The next step?

Renewing their wedding vows under the chuppah, with Rabbi Matt doing the honors. The Ketubah, the marriage agreement, hangs on the wall of their Ravenna home.

In spite of the distance between Ravenna and Mayfield Heights, the two children attend Sunday School, with Griffin in second grade and Kyra in fourth grade. Both Joy and Gregg attend temple activities whenever possible.

It seems that “taste” of Judaism has become a full-blown meal.

Gregg and Joy Pahls