In The Beginning

When It All Began

The role of a reform congregation was nothing new to Ruth and Stan Raskin, both of whom had attended Sunday School as youngsters at one of Cleveland’s largest reform synagogues. So, when Rabbi Fred Eisenberg started Temple Israel in 1985 they decided to learn more about it.

“We knew the rabbi and had gone to Israel with him,” said Ruth Raskin, “so when we learned he was forming a new temple we were interested enough to learn more about it, and then interested enough to join.”

They were among the 50 or so people who became charter members of the new congregation, then Temple Israel.

“And we’re still here, and still enjoying it,” said Stan Raskin, who has been a member of the TINT board since its inception back in 1985.

“Having grown up attending a large temple, we like a small congregation,” Ruth said. “And we have been fortunate because not only did we enjoy Rabbi Fred, but we still enjoy the services with Rabbi Matt.”

“We also like it because of its social commitment and the volunteer spirit that is vital and key to TINT’s continued success.”

Ruth and Stan Raskin