Teddy Bear Bank

TINT “Bears” Its Heart Through Acts Of Kindness

We watched helplessly as the reports of tornadoes in the Tuscaloosa area reached us. We were shocked by the constantly rising waters in Minot. We were horrified by the images of the destruction in Joplin. And, we were deeply affected by those who lost homes in the Texas wildfires.

We had to do something! But what could we do hundreds of miles away?

What we could do was create a for youngsters affected by these tragedies.

TINT is collecting donations to buy new Teddy Bears that will be shipped to police departments in the affected areas. The police will put the bears in their cruisers and hand deliver them to children who are victims of disasters.

You can make a big difference to a needy child. Please give generously to this amazing project.

Donate money or a teddy bear

We prefer monetary donations, but will accept donations of NEW teddy bears.

  • Safety: The bears we purchase are safe for a wide range of ages.
    There are no removable parts, such as nose or eyes, that could be a choking hazard for small children.
  • Easy to Deliver: New bears come wrapped in plastic and can be tossed in the trunk of a police cruiser, back of an ambulance or inside a firetruck without getting dirty.
  • Stretch Your Dollar: Since TINT purchases in bulk, we pay between $4.00 – $5.00 a bear. Your donation can go farther then if you purchase teddy bears yourself.*
  • Kids Feel Good: All the bears we purchase are similar. That means no children feel slighted if they see other child getting a larger or different bear from police or firemen.

* We want to thank the North American Bear Company, they sent us a dozen extra bears with our last order.

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