Adult Education

Adult Education

TINT’s Adult Education program lets you feed your mind and your tummy with “Bagels and Bible.” Every Sunday religious school is in session, adults meet to study various topics of interest to us. Studies have ranged from the Book of Job (and discovered he wasn’t all that patient!) with Rabbi Emeritus Fred Eisenberg, to Simon Wiesenthal’s thought-provoking memoir, The Sunflower, with educator Joy Gray.

Adult Education is free to members of our congregation and many classes are open to the public. One of the open sessions was a Yom Hashoah program.


Cantor Larry Josefovitz led a class that focused on the music of Viktor Ullman, a composer, conductor and pianist who died during the Holocaust. The program started with a documentary “Estranged Passengers in Search of Viktor Ullman,” and was followed by discussion lead by Cantor Josefovitz. Cantor Josefovitz

In Terezin*, Ullman wrote the satiric opera, “The Emperor of Atlantis,” which ridiculed Adolf Hitler and his alternate universe of death. Ullman was eventually sent to Auschwitz and was killed in the gas chambers1944.

Check the monthly calendar for topics, dates and times.

Terezin was a place where people with culture and social status were sent. It was not a “concentration” camp. In some cases, the people who were assigned there, their hard labor was to prepare concerts.